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The Shutdown of Misa Travel – How You Can Protect Yourself

When I heard the news on Misa Travel shutting down and leaving travellers stranded – I am reminded of the 2017 adage.

“We are at the age of disruption.”

Well-established companies who seemed invincible just a few years ago – are not moving fast enough to adapt to the consumers’ changing patterns and habits.

This is the danger of complacency and sticking our heads in the sand.

This is why it is so important to take our initiative to protect ourselves by educating ourselves.

I covered in detail on the importance of travel insurance previously. But do you know that a comprehensive travel insurance plan can also insure you against travel companies shutting down?

Yes, some comprehensive travel insurance plans do protect you in the event of “financial collapse of travel agency”.

And if you are a regular traveller, such yearly travel insurance plans can actually be of value for money – at less than $35 per month.

Interested to know more? Feel free to contact me for more information.

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