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The “Hidden” Value of Peace of Mind

I have met a number of entrepreneurs and self-employed people who eventually become my clients.

I am always impressed with what they do to grow and sustain their business. They sincerely believe in a vision bigger than themselves.

Most of them take risks everyday in their business. It is part of their nature and in their blood.

Some of their daily activities:

  • Flying from Singapore to various destinations around the world. In the morning, they might be in Jakarta while in the night, they might be in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Opening up new offices in another country. They expand their business and can spend months away from Singapore and their families.
  • They set aside and invest large amount of capital in their business. Their focus is solely on their business.
  • They have to learn new stuff everyday and manage their thoughts – both positive & negative. Being in the uncomfortable zone is not easy but they go through it in order to grow themselves and their business.

With all their energies and focus on their business, many business owners and entrepreneurs usually neglect their own personal needs.

Some enlightened entrepreneurs do take care of their own health – they stay healthy in order to stay sharp for their own business.

But the truth is, these entrepreneurs have family members like the spouse, young children and their parents to support. And when the business is starting to grow, there exists periods of uncertainties.

In the event of serious medical problems arising that affects themselves or their family members, they might NOT be protected.

Why? Because the issue of health insurance has simply slipped their minds.

Hence, it is important to take into consideration the health of yourself & your dependents.

Peace of Mind vs Money

The value of peace of mind has always been understated and undervalued. Which is quite sad really.

All the money in the world isn’t going to be any good to you if you can’t spend it in peace.

How can entrepreneurs continue to take risks daily if they don’t mitigate some of those risks?

With comprehensive health & hospitalization insurance, a risk-taking entrepreneur can close that chapter in his head – “in the event of medical emergency, I am covered”.

That sheer peace of mind has many benefits. Most of all – he or she can now focus on having purely productive thoughts and strategize their energies towards business success.

With peace of mind, you can accelerate, move forward & don’t look back. Just like an arrow flying towards the target, the focus of an entrepreneur which is doubling his revenue, increasing sales and growing his business will be attained. Easily.

On the other hand, if you have no insurance protection, you will feel stuck and start to wonder – “what if something were to happen?”

Every decision will be prefaced with a question – “what if something happens? How much will it cost me?”

Such thoughts makes any person become totally unproductive and can really put on the brakes on your own business growth.

Because you start to question every decision – instead of making a choice decisively.

A key trait Napoleon Hill recognized in all of the individuals he studied who acquired great wealth was decisiveness. Those who settle on decisions quickly know what they want, and they tend to get what they want.

Defeat procrastination with decisiveness.

Discover the hidden value of peace of mind – buy insurance as protection. Do not be surprised if you see your income start to increase.

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