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How Much Time Do We Have Left?

I watched this meaningful video which basically helped to visualize how much time you have left on this earth. That is where all of us will eventually end up at – so it is useful to think about the end in mind.

Like how “7 Habits of Effective People” always reiterate – See the end in mind. This particular video makes that particularly clear.

  • What are you going to do with the remaining time you have left?
  • Will it be focused on working hard to just pay the bills?
  • Will it be spent ignoring your family members?
  • Will it be spent commuting to the office and pleasing people you don’t even like?

I am not here to give judgments. I have no right to judge what is going on in your own personal life.

But what I can share on my personal own experience is that – no employer is worth risking your health. Money can be earned but health once is lost – will be very hard to retrieve.

This is a reminder that our time on this earth is limited.

An old friend once shared with me – “I can’t believe that I am starting to meet my friends when we are only attending a funeral of a mutual friend. What a reminder of our own mortality! We used to meet at weddings and birthdays. Now funerals are getting more common.”

  • See the end in mind now – what is your future retirement days are going to look like?
  • Will it spent in good health with family and friends?
  • Will money become the least of your concerns then?
  • Are you spending time travelling around and acquiring rich experiences?

That future is possible. However you need to start planning TODAY. Not next week, not next month.

A headstart will provide you the greatest advantage that will otherwise require a much larger amount of money. Investing at 25 is far easier and cheaper than starting at 35.

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