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My Story

Hi. My name is Tan Chei Huey.

I’ve been a financial advisor for more than 7 years..

Here I will share with you the insights I’ve gained as I help my clients secure protection for their health and build up their retirement nest egg.

Before I became a financial advisor, I sought out financial knowledge first.

I worked in the banking industry for about 10 years before making the decision to leave.

My last position was Vice President in a local bank. I was designated the project manager for a national project where I worked closely with a project team from MAS as well as multiple banks to ensure a smooth rollout of the FAST payment transactions.

Health is more important than wealth or even a steady pay cheque.

Due to health reasons, I made the decision to leave full-time employment and forgo a 6-figure comfortable salary.

Was it a difficult decision? Not really. I needed the time to recover and nurse myself back to good health. But the main reason I was able to leave full-time employment is because of the various fallback plans & contingencies I’ve set into motion years ago.

Comprehensive Health Protection

In my early working years, when I was still young, healthy and had not been diagnosed with health conditions – I made sure I had adequate health protection. As my income grew, I recognized that good health is priceless. And without good health, I could not work and earn good income. So from “adequate coverage” which was more simple, I made sure I got comprehensive coverage for my own peace of mind.

Side Hustle

When I was not working in my full-time job, I actually spent time developing a side hustle. I had a fairly successful drop shipping business and actually sold physical products online. More than the money, what I valued was the confidence and digital skillsets I developed. Because it meant that I need not depend on a job to support myself.

Frugal Lifestyle

I did not grow up with luxury as my father passed away when I was just a little girl. My late mum was the sole income earner as she raised us 4 siblings. So we had to learn how to manage our meagre resources. Since young, I learnt how to be frugal and have very simple tastes.

My Mission

With zero sales experience, I slowly grew my base of clients as a financial advisor. My income went from a comfortable six-figure salary to virtually zero overnight. In that process, I learnt a lot about myself and people around me.

My mission here is to share the lessons and insights I’ve picked up over the years about human behavior, building a relatively successful career and letting it all go to start from zero again.

Here are some of the topics I will be writing about:

Frugal Lifestyle

I grew up in a single parent household with 3 other siblings. So I learnt how to live the simple life with simple tastes.

Career Development

In the banking industry, I learnt how to climb the corporate ladder. There, I learnt how to manage my career and people around me.

Skill Stacking

In order to widen my knowledgebase, I have attended various courses from digital marketing to counselling and coaching classes to improve my people skills.

Human Behaviour

We humans are very susceptible to various fallacies and bias. I learnt a lot about this especially when doing financial planning.

Hedging and Risk Management

To me, insurance is all about risk management. A serious illness can put a dent on your own savings – so we mitigate that with a 3rd party.

Longevity & Aging

We will all grow old one day. Take it from me, the first 35 years of my life passed very quickly. Older and hopefully more wiser, I hope my own life lessons will be helpful to you.

Some of my clients who became my good friends

One of the best things about becoming a FA is developing and growing relationships that last a lifetime. It’s been a wonderful journey and I am forever grateful to their support.

Chris & Sim

Family of 4

Aidah Omar

Marketing Consultant

Mike Divor


Patricia Ralph


Want To Build Something For Yourself?

If you are aspiring to leave your full time job or even wish to just pick my brain on developing your own career or business, feel free to just reach out. I am looking for friends rather than just clients. There is no obligation to buy any insurance products from me.