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Discover the Keys To Financial Freedom In Singapore

Learn how to take charge of your money to ensure a brighter financial future.

Welcome To Ensurist.com.sg

I know how important it is to secure your financial future to weather the uncertainties in unprecedented times of change. Being adaptable and flexible can ensure you find calm and lasting meaning in the midst of enduring chaos. At Ensurist SG – I will help to keep you grounded even when the ground is often shifting beneath you.

Career Skills

You can learn how to bulletproof your career. Explore new perspectives on what it means to be combat-ready in this economy.

Personal Development

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. – John C Maxwell. Discover how to transform yourself in a world of flux.

Side Hustle

Perhaps you are thinking of quitting the rat race or preparing for entrepreneurship. Side hustles can be a good source of new experiences and extra income.

The Sandwich Generation

Elderly parents. Young children. What does it mean to be stuck in the middle – in managing both such responsibilities?

Retirement Planning

Time is your best friend when you are planning for building your nest egg. Learn how you can get started.

Holistic Aging

Singapore is one of the fastest aging countries in the world. Here I share my thoughts on this topic..

Feeling uncertain in your career or life?

Tap On My Knowledge & Experience

I’ve walked away from a comfortable and high-paying position to recuperate and recover my health. In the process, I learnt a lot about myself and people around me.

Learn how to adopt a pragmatic approach to your health protection

Too little protection and it not useful. But too much protection is not desirable as well. Here, I hope to help you find the middle ground.

Identify and address your issues in terms of career development

When I was climbing the corporate ladder, I learnt how to navigate the various hidden rules and structure of working life, relationships and people management. I will share my experiences here.

Change and uncertainty can be scary

You will be navigating life’s inevitable turning points, thresholds and transitions – at work, at home and in between. I can be your guide through unchartered territory.

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Future-Proof Yourself

In an uncertain world, can you still control your destiny? Through Ensurist.com.sg- my goal is to help you truly realize your professional and personal potential. So you can build a better life for you and your family.

10 Years

Corporate Life


Health Scare

8 Years



Base of Clients

What does my clients say about me

Over the years, I’ve built up a base of clients who trust me for their health protection and financial solutions for retirement.


Bank VP

Chei Huey is my ex-colleague and old friend. Initially, I bought a policy from her to support her in her new career. Her sincerity won me over. For the past 7 years, she has helped me tremendously in ensuring I get health protection as well as legacy planning. She is someone I trust fully with my financial and health solutions.

Chris & Sim

Family of 4

Chei Huey has been my financial advisor for more than 5 years. Under her direction and guidance, she has helped me grown my retirement nest egg to a significant amount. Her sincerity in helping me has secured my family’s foreseeable future. Through her support and knowledge, my whole family has been protected in terms of health and critical illness. I highly recommend her advice and solutions.

Aidah Omar

Marketing Consultant

“You’ve read about the impoce of the being courageous, rebelliousi and it’s imaginative. These are all vital for ingredients in an effective advertising they must.”

Want To Build Something For Yourself?

If you are aspiring to leave your full time job or even wish to just pick my brain on developing your own career or business, feel free to just reach out. I am looking for friends rather than just clients. There is no obligation to buy any insurance products from me.